body language
experimental, video, performance, art

art direction, concept, design, videography, photography, post-production

This film explores the body and confessions within a committed relationship. What is the connection between the revelation and the location of the written message as they appear on bodies of the actors?

Below is the initial confession process before the video concept was developed. Various mark-making tools were used such as liquid eyeliner and marker before settling on stamps and an ink pad.

This project explored vulnerability and trust through the imprint of words, letters, and expressive punctation as well as the nuance of how the actions themselves were being performed.

In a way, this project was a bit of catharsis. Oftentimes, in my own experience, micro-agressions and small questions to certain situations have been left to bottle up and simmer inside the mind. Things that seemed trivial always ended up resurfacing. This process quite literally put both of the worries, anxieties, questions, and even positive feelings that the actors did not make a point to openly express to each other for whatever reason out on the surface of the skin, hidden by nothing, and able to be observed and interpreted by each other.

Thank you to Allen Hori for his guidance through the span of this undertaking.

* (ill-🗝️-ah)