cultural treasures

website design, ui design, graphic design
art direction, concept, design, research

jana clavel, art director, mighty engine
illkya acosta,
graphic designer, mighty engine
gabbie nightlinger,
graphic designer, mighty engine

the william penn foundation

Philadelphia’s Cultural Treasures is a website, for which the William Penn Foundation serves as the regional funding partner. It aims to attract significant local BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) arts & cultural organizations. This website serves to gather inquiries from our intended viewers & get them to take action to apply into these wonderful multi-year funding opportunities.

Our task was to take inspiration from other arts & cultural grant websites to create something that stand outs to potential candidates. My design team and I really wanted to capture the essence of Philly’s vibrant and expansive arts & cultural community. A challenge was trying to keep the design enticing and bold, while still being respectable, mature, and simple to digest.

I worked alongside our Art Director, Jana Clavel to come up with a variety of visual concepts. Gabbie Nightlinger adapted the final selected design which was one of my iterations and reworked it as neccessary to the website hosting platform.

Earlier concepts:

* (ill-🗝️-ah)