placita del mercado

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illkya acosta

cantina la martina

Cantina La Martina in Philadelphia is a culturally significant hub for the Latinx and Brown community, offering an authentic blend of traditional flavors and contemporary vibes. This vibrant establishment fosters a sense of belonging through its culinary experiences, reflecting the rich diversity and heritage of the community it serves.

Invited by the New Kensington Development Corporation, I had the honor of creating posters and promotional graphics for Cantina La Martina's Placita Del Mercado, a vibrant event that unfolded in August 2023. This bustling market, hosted in collaboration with the Welcoming Center Global Craft Market, showcased a diverse array of local vendors from Kensington. Attendees enjoyed live music performances by Laura Lizcano and Saul Cosme, adding an extra layer of excitement to the dynamic atmosphere. The event successfully brought together the community through a celebration of culture, music, and local craftsmanship.

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