soft disco

branding, typography, art direction
art direction, concept, design, research, project management

stephie dobosh, creative director, soft disco
illkya acosta,
visual consultant
emily gold,
graphic designer
chris ursini,
current graphic designer

Soft Disco is a hybrid creative agency conceived by multidiscipinary artist, Stephie Dobosh. It is known in the Philadelphia community just as its mission describes, to “experience more // immerse together”. Soft Disco experiences bring people of all colors, origins, expressions, and identities together to add to the notion of “the party is the medium” in whatever way one wishes to interpret it.

I was invited by Stephie Dobosh in February 2019, pre-pandemic to have a behind-the-scenes preview of what Soft Disco could be. Fast forward, the COVID lockdown of late March 2020 happened. With time on my hands, I accepted the request of co-directing Soft Disco’s first important brand piece— their logo— alongside graphic designer, Emily Gold
I was a core part of the branding establishment for this agency. My undertaking as the visual consultant of this project was done as a pro bono effort. The brand since then has continued to evolve.

Channeling Miami Vice vibes with its pastel colorways, to the use of a sophisticated, but edgy typeface, Stephie wanted this logo to be both a name to be known as something striking and different. It was to look modern, interesting, and sleek enough to be able to presented amongst various types of audiences, stakeholders, and clients.

Main logo typeface:
Zephyr by Leonhard Laupichler.

* (ill-🗝️-ah)