starr restaurantsprint, signage, graphic design

concept, image research, design, post-production

randi sirkin, vp of creative services, starr restaurants
amy branzuela,
production and e-commerce manager, starr restaurants
illkya acosta, menu designer & lead production coordinator
phillip christensen-ames,
general manager, le diplomate
hector diaz,
general manager, le zoo

Starr Restaurants is a group of unique restaurants with a proven commitment to excellence.
They are driven by a luminary’s vision and defined by their world-class culinary stars, whose distinct tastes offer each guest an experience that is at once spirited and sophisticated.

I was given the opportunity to work on the signage for new implementations during COVID for two distinct Starr Restaurants, Le Diplomate based out of Washington DC and Le Zoo based out of Miami. Each restaurant’s brand and tone had to be kept in mind. I worked under each restaurant’s brand guidelines to produce the final product.

I consulted with each restaurant to ensure it is what they had envisioned for their needs.

* (ill-🗝️-ah)